Thursday, November 30, 2006

who knew

that my downfalls could be a (good) example for someone else. The pain I feel in my spirit over some of my past mistakes. Being able to articulate that ... actually having someone trust me enough to confide in me their relationship problems and ask for advice. That is truly amazing and awe-inspiring. I just don't want to lead her astray. But I can explain what sin does when you knowingly disobey God to pursue your own interests and wants. When you put His plans and desires behind your own. That pain still exists and I don't know if it will ever go away. And her priest has also told her about the cost, about how much you can lose. I don't know why she confides in me. But in a way I am glad. It makes me re-examine my life, and motives, and makes me face up to how real or hypocritical I may be at any time. We're human, we believe in the same God and know that He only plans good things for us. But we also want the comforts and to live life at our own pace. And in comfort. Definitely in comfort.

Maybe I mis-understood something, but every now and then, it's good to be honest. With yourself and with others

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lm1 said...

God is good! it is very scary when people trust you enough to let you in to their personal space in their hearts, it is a burden that Christ carries always and we only get a small fraction of that with the people that are in our lives.
It does cause you to be more honest with yourself, in a sence I don't think you have a choice not to... this is someones elses life not your own and that has good and bad effects if we are not honest in our own heart. IMHO.